Full Cirle

Clue 2

Question 1:

What is the name of his intended paramour?

Question 2:

In military hours, what time will she meet him at the Wall Street Heliport? Add that to the year of production.

Question 3:

First and last name of the guest star who appeared in this episode?

Question 4:

Contents: The ________________ on the Sanguinaires


Sum the numbers from all the answers to find ABCD

Checksum = 18

To find the third clue, calculate these coordinates:

S33 44.(A+D),(D),(B-1)

E150 26.(C-2),(D*2),(A-C)

To gain access to the final clue, use the coordinates you have worked out and replace the asterixes with them in the URL below:


For example, if the final coordinates are S33 12.345 E150 67.890, then the URL would read: